St Edwards Catholic

Sports Premium

Overview of aims of the school

To increase teaching staff subject knowledge and confidence in the delivery of PE and raising of standards for all our children.

To ensure all our children have access to regular exercise and increasing activity levels at break and lunchtimes, embedding the ethos of the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle.

To increase pupils’ participation in extra-curricular sport and the amount of competitive sport opportunities for pupils. This is a breakdown of how we have spent our Sports Grant.

Number of Pupils & Sports Grant Received

Total number of pupils on roll 248

Sports Grant – 2016-2017 ) £3,835.00

Additional amount received 31st October 2016 £5,408.00

Total amount of Sports Grant received to date (31st October) 2016 £9,243.00

Record of Sports Grant Spending by Item / Project 2016-2017


Here is a link to our current Physical Education Action Plan.


(This table is from April 2016-2017. This will be updated after April 2018 with the costs for April 2017-2018)

Item / Project


Advanced Sports – Super Sports (Summer Term)

£ 700.00

PLT Membership Subscription


Create and Develop Whole School PE Programme


Tag Rugby Super Sports

£ 460.00

Primary Leaders Licence & Equipment

£ 200.00

Badminton Afterschool Club Coaching (September to March 2017)

£ 155.00

Sports / PE Equipment & Storage


Active PE / Sport Training

£ 450.00